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Terms & Conditions

By submitting payment to PTBenLee Coventry you confirm your agreement to our terms and conditions, as detailed below:


All sessions are to be paid for in advance, in accordance with the training plan selected. Wherever possible, a pre-planned weekly schedule is to be arranged between the client and trainer. Submission of payment signifies acceptance of these Terms & Conditions. PTBenLee Coventry (hereafter referred to as PTBL) endeavours to suit booking availability to it’s clients needs, however specific session times can not be guaranteed until booked and paid for.


Any cancellations by the client must be made at least 36 hours prior to appointment time. Sessions cancelled after this time will be charged at the full rate, unless there are exceptional circumstances (e.g. sudden illness, injury, bereavement etc.). You do not have the right to re-arrange a missed session to avoid the cancellation penalty. Adverse weather conditions are not acceptable as a cause for cancellation if your trainer is able to reach the training venue. Standard illness such as flu, colds etc. are not acceptable as late cancellation reasons, neither are chronic injuries. The same timescales apply to cancellations made by PTBL. Cancellations at less than 36 hours notice will be compensated for by an additional free of charge PT session, to be taken at a time agreed between the client and PTBL, before the end of the current training package.


PTBL operates a strict no-refund policy on training packages, with no exceptions.


Health & Safety
It is the responsibility of both client and PTBL to adhere to all H&S requirements of the training venue. PTBL is not responsible for injury to, or damage caused by, it’s clients arising from irresponsibility or bad practice. It is the responsibility of PTBL to obtain a completed PARQ and act accordingly upon any information contained therein. If the client subsequently suffers any injury or illness that may affect physical activity it is the client’s responsibility to notify PTBL, in writing, immediately.


All training sessions are 45 minutes in duration. The training package you purchase will specify a minimum weekly attendance, and your sessions will be charged for at this rate. It is your responsibility to ensure adequate time management to enable you to attend the specified number of training sessions.


Your sessions will have strict start and finish times, the sessions are not 45 minutes in duration from when you arrive, they are bounded by the start and finish times. If you arrive more than ten minutes late for your appointment, PTBL reserves the right to refuse to carry out your session, although you will still be charged for it.


We believe our Terms & Conditions are clear, concise, and above all fair. As such, no correspondence regarding exceptions or waivers will be entered into.

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