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Fitness with PTBenLee

Diving fists-first into boxing at just 10 years old, Ben quickly learned the ropes...

...and by the time he was 12 he was boxing competitively, before launching into an amateur career.


40 bouts and 2 Junior ABA Midlands titles later, Ben decided it was time to move on.


Wearing his sporting prowess on his sleeve, he took the plunge into personal training.

It was his knowledge of sport and fitness and a burning desire to help others that drew him to the fitness industry.

What’s more, Ben knew all about the fruits of hard work and discipline…

  • Small improvements over time

  • A sense of well-being

  • Seeing first-hand how dedication looks in the mirror

And, of course, he wanted to help people experience all three...  ...people like you.

Since qualifying as a Personal Trainer, Ben has started his own personal training business and is the founder of Loft Fitness, a private fitness studio in Earlsdon. On top of this, he’s worked under some of the greatest minds in the UK fitness industry. In 2019, he also won a 'Best Personal Trainer' award for Coventry, making him your first port-of-call if you live in the Coventry area!

Rest assured, you’ll be learning from the best with Ben as your trainer.



2015 saw Ben dislocate his shoulder. Using his now fine-tuned skillset, he was able to create a program that sped up his recovery tenfold.


From then on injury prevention has not only piqued his interest, but become one of his most sought after services.


Regardless of your goal, Ben Lee’s the man to get you there.

Are you interested in becoming his new success story? You are? Then get in touch today!

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