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NEW! ShadowBox
Coventry's only Technology based Boxing Class!

Get Fit Without Getting Hit!


Are you ready to get in shape? We know you are! And we want to help you do it with the best resources possible.

We believe that everyone deserves a great workout experience, and that's why we offer classes with unique features that keep you engaged and motivated.


Here, each punch is tracked by our studio monitors—and even better, the information is fed back to an app so attendees can track their personal progress over time!


Suitable to all levels!

Come join for an incredible workout experience!

Corner Gym 1.png


  • Personal Tracker and app so you can track all your stats and keep improving

  • Full boxing technique breakdowns

  • Bags and Shadowboxing Rounds

  • Full support from your trainer

  • Only 4 people max in each group so you can benefit greatly and get better results

Corner Punch Trackers + Corner Boxing App.png

Performance Trackers


High Quality Boxing Equipment

Corner Gym 1.png

Punch Counts Displayed On The Studio Monitors


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Achieve your fitness goals and learn a new skill!

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