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Personal Training with PTBenLee


Bad posture? Joint pain? Too much sitting at work?
Start your movement journey now!

Full Range of Motion

Mobility is often overlooked in the fitness industry, but without full range of motion in your joints, you will find it difficult to execute basic exercises. For example, tight hips can effect your squat.

Many people often experience tightness in their shoulders, back and hamstrings, which effects efficient movement. If you are tight in those areas or other areas, then you will need to work on full range of motion in those joints. Because without healthy joints, you can't fully work your muscles as you should.


Live with fewer limitations and pain.

2015 saw Ben dislocate his shoulder and having always been a passionate about health and fitness, he was determined to return to the gym as soon as possible. Using his fine-tuned skillset, he was able to create a programme that sped up his recovery tenfold.


From then on, injury prevention has not only piqued his interest, but become one of his most sought after services with mobility being at the heart of his training.

Reduce stress and tightness

When full-body joint mobility is incorporated into your training, you will feel considerably less amounts of stress and tension, including a reduced tightness in the muscles.

Joint Mobility lubricates all your joints and restores their health.

There are many benefits to Joint Mobility, including:

  • Strengthening your whole body;

  • Relieving tension;

  • Improving concentration;

  • Improving co-ordination;

  • Preventing injuries;

  • Improving flexibility

  • Improving joint range of motion;



Professional Expertise

Just qualifying as a personal trainer wasn't enough for Ben. He wanted to master his craft and give his clients the knowledge and expertise they deserve. Ben spends countless hours researching the latest and most effective programmes for mobility and fitness. He is also a certified RMC Mobility and Movement Coach meaning his knowledge and expertise is second to none! 

No more machine boredom

Since qualifying as a Personal Trainer, Ben has also founded Loft Fitness, a private fitness studio in Earlsdon, Coventry. 

Loft Fitness does not look like how you might expect a usual gym to look. No big, daunting machines. No vanity mirrors. No overcrowded spaces.

Loft Fitness has been specifically designed to allow for the optimum personalised workout. 

So what do you get with PTBenLee? 

It's simple.

Exclusive use of a private fitness studio with a knowledgeable personal trainer who cares not just about improving your strength and mobility, but your sense of wellbeing too.  

High Plank
Outdoor Practice with a Stretch Band

Start moving and feeling better today.

Whether you are suffering from joint pain, have limited range of motion or just want to feel better, get in touch with Ben and start your movement journey!

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